Why does Canada need immigrants?

Every year, many people immigrate to Canadafrom all over the world for excellent working conditions, better living standards, excellent education system and best health care system. Here a question arises that if so many people immigrate to Canada, did these newcomers take away jobs and opportunities for the native Canadians. Not all immigrants are allowed into Canada, especially if they do not have an English or French language skill. Critics often blame the newcomers immigrate to Canada because of job shortage and other issues, but here they need to understand that these newcomers have a very positive effect on the economy and job creation of Canada.

The main reason Canada needs immigrants is that its population is aging rapidly. From 2019 to 2021, there are many vacancies open across the country because of expected retirement. Many people over the age of 65, retired and dependent on services supported by younger generations in last two decades. With these newcomers’ immigrants, Canada can become an advanced world leader. The immigrants that make Canada prosperous belong to the skilled workers, provincial nominees, those with prior Canadian experience, entrepreneurs, and businessman. Labour shortages are going to be the biggest obstacle to economic growth of Canada for the future. With that reason and aged people’s retirements, Canada will become more and more dependent on a policy that is immigrant friendly.

The question is how these immigrants affect Canada positively? The answer is when a newcomer who wants a job moves to Canada not only fill the vacant gap, but this newcomer also pay taxes and spend money on housing, transportation, and consumer goods. With the help of these actions, it can stimulate the Canadian economy and their economic success increases the country production’s capacity. It can create a positive effect across the whole economy.