Words are mightier than swords

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Life will be boring without words. Even where there are a multitude of words, life will still appear very boring if the right words are not been used in the right way. Your rating in life will be determined on your mastery or otherwise of words. Those that are celebrated all over the world today for one reason or the other are not necessarily the most talented, but those who know how to bring out the right words for the right occasion have a way of stealing the show amid the pack. When you know how to spice up your delivery with daily quotes people are going to look up to you!

Several words are being used loosely today and it is the reason why people are failing to achieve their expected goals in life today. You have to think about how to gather the words that will come out of your mouth and meditate on it before uttering such out of your vocal sacs if you want to make the best out of every opportunity. Thinking about this and making the best out of it can only be achieved by a few that are gifted. You can steal the show and become the expert wordsmith if you are connected to a regime of daily quote.
There are loads of anxiety around us. Tension is around us and we live with such every day of the week. We can bring down the tension and calm frayed nerves with our choice of words. The Alice in wonderland quotes is some of the quotes that can be effectively used to douse the tension. You will be on top of every situation with the right words in your armory. When you have the word, fear will evaporate into the air.