5 Tips To Prepare You For Seattle Gay Pride

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1. Take Friday Off!  Let’s be serious, your going to be out really late on Thursday kicking off your Pride Weekend and Friday events start early so why not think ahead and take it off. Call in sick, use vacation, whatever… just make sure you have it off.  If you normally work weekends put your request for time off asap.

2. No Drinking & Driving.  If you don’t live in Seattle get your housing in order.  If you can’t walk home, or cab it find a friends place to stay or book a hotel.  Look into Hotel Max, Silver Cloud Inn or Homesuites (on pike and boren)

3. Stock up on Vitamin B.  Vitamin B is one of the easiest ways to avoid a massive hangover.  I usually just stick to drinking a 5 hour energy in the morning right when I wake up then proceed to drink tons and tons of water and that usually does the trick

4. Look your best!  You’re going to need a haircut, tan and probably some waxing.  Its a busy time of year so make sure you book those appointments today.  I recommend Zakaria Ibrahimi from Side Show Salon located below The Social and tan at Solar Tan above QFC at Pike n Broadway.

5. Plan your weekend!  Last but not least, have your weekend planned and make sure you RSVP to all the parties.  Follow The Social or the #YGWI for the latest on what we & our friends are doing for Pride


Upcoming Pride Parties



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