5/20 We Are Open! Here are some commonly asked questions & answers about The Social plus tons of photos

the social

After a long….. struggle we are finally open.  We aren’t at 100 percent but in the next 3 weeks we will be doing some pretty cool stuff to get ready for summer.

Questions & Answers about The Social

->Pack it with a few hundred people and it gets hot

We didn’t realize just how hot it would get, we had A/C just didn’t have time to run power to it before we opened on Friday.  Saturday we finally got the A/C running when the battery went out on the control pad.. turning the AC back off.  It was down for about an hour but back up around 12:30 AM.

Going forward we now officially have A/C :)

->Is there coat check?

We raced to get open this last weekend and didn’t have time to install one.. but look for a coat check mid week.

->Why were there long lines to get a drink on opening night?

In our attempt to get open on Friday we were short one bar well station which put us down one bartender.  We fixed this on Saturday and as a result the lines were alot shorter.  This shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

->Is there always a cover?

Only on Fridays and Saturdays but free before 9 or 10 depending on the night.  Keep an eye on Facebook for details.

->What kind of music?

  • Wednesdays – Indie Rock Remixed
  • Thursday – Hip Hop
  • Friday – C89 type music, top 40 remixed
  • Saturday – Circuit scene

->Do you have something special planned for Pride?

We have a ton of stuff planned for Pride.  Details coming soon?

Thanks so much for all the support this last weekend, we look forward to partying together in the coming weeks.  Here are some photos from our grand opening.

Sinfinite presents CARNAVAL! @ The Social

Sinfinite presents CIRCUIT! @ The Social

Photos by Brian M. Westbrook bit.ly/socialopen




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