Nicki Danger of GLITTERBANG reviews the Ke$ha show


Poor Nicki Danger of GLITTERBANG. She took a chance on Ke$ha’s show this weekend and had this to say:

Wow…is the only word to describe Saturday, September 10 th at Ke$ha. What a strange evening. At around noon my friend posted the “Tik Tok” video on my facebook wall. It had a comment of ”are you ready for this?” To be honest, I can’t stand Ke$ha. If it weren’t for the free ticket I would never go. We walked up to the venue in a stream of mariners fans. Dude bros were singing Ke$ha songs mockingly, while trying to pick up slutty fans. In every other direction children are in ripped fishnets, sequin mini skirts and tattered neon tops. I get inside and head straight for the middle with my group of late twenty somethings. Ke$ha starts immediately. The stage was amazing. It kind of had a neon Hollywood Squares meets Mad Max vibe. There was a giant diamond in the middle of the stage where she appeared. I was instantly irritated. Ke$ha’s voice is so fucking whiny and annoying. I’m pretty sure she is pretending to play her keyboard. When she plays guitar I can’t hear it. She wears a Khaoss pad as a necklace. I moved to the back of the floor. At that point I’m looking around at parents, pre-teens and little children pelvic thrusting to Ke$ha. It is really disturbing. Here is her message…get obliterated, fuck, call old pervs dinosaurs and your bedroom the bone zone. At one point Ke$ha had one of her dancers in a giant dick costume. She rubbed her face all over its giant balls and said something slutty. I’m not sure what… at that point I wasn’t paying close attention. Her tour is called get sleazy. She and all of Seattle’s children sure did! On a positive note her band and dancers were fantastic! Production was tight and the show was super high energy. It was really entertaining visually. The frequency in which Ke$ha’s voice resides is horrific. Like nails on a chalkboard. Ke$ha show=slut school!


Nicki Danger

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