3/22 House Music All Night Long: an interview with DJ NITA


Known to play on 3 decks or more, Nita bends the New York underground sound with the New World Beat to create his own, distinct voice in dance music.

Influenced by the Legends of New York House music Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, and Timmy Regisford, Nita delicately interweaves the hardest of beat downs for anyone ready to lose their mind on the dancefloor


Nita Aviance is the HUNK of the NYC DJ scene. He joined ranks in the city’s sprawling 90′s nightlife and has made a name for himself ever since. Spinning since 2002, Nita is a four-time Glammy Award winner for best DJ (not to mention snagging Paper Magazine’s best party award in ’08 for his part in NYC’s Tubway.) His career in DJing has always been an indelibly charming and debaucherous mix of music, art and fashion and whose skill should be a standard in DJdom. He’s played everywhere from Barcelona to Australia (not to mention Seattle’s dance party revolution Comeback THREE times) and this week Nita has put out the 4th installment of his seasonal mixes, Spring Kweaning. The Social was lucky enough to snag an interview about it as well as get the T on his arsenol of street cred.

Hey boy, how you doin?
Livin it up in BK and enjoying the global warming

You mind giving our readers a read about who you are and what you do?
You wouldn’t want me to read your readers, TRUST. My style of music/djing comes straight from the New York City underground house scene where it’s has grown to mesh with new sounds from all over the globe. It’s a beatdown for sure, I draw on a lot of different genres for inspiration…but when you get right down to it, wether it’s production or djing, it’s House Music All Night Long.

2012 has been looking reallllly cute for you, fella
Thank you. The highlight so far was getting to play Australia for the first time. Sydney and Melbourne showed me a great time, as did the lovely Dj Sveta who was responsible for getting me over there.

WERK. Spring Kweaning has been on repeat since I got my hands on it- what’s the word on her?
Spring Kweaning is the fourth in my seasonal mixtape series; they run midtempo and have a real story to them. It’s a lot of stuff I don’t necessarily get to bring into my live sets so I’ve made a place for it here.

What inspires your remixes? Is the transition from DJ to producer difficult?
It really depends on the remix but I often just pull a few pieces of the original, a few from the past and the present, and let the bitch ride. As for transitioning to being a producer, well I started out as a musician and studied sound design in college so for me it’s more of a return.

Plus, let’s be honest, it’s super exciting to hear other people playing your music!

I noticed you included the remix you did for Beyonce on Spring Kweaning.
Actually I did TWO mixes for Beyonce, “Countdown” (#1 U.S. Club Play) and “End of Time” (#1 Urban & Pop Charts, UK). When I first heard the new Beyonce album I loved it, it was so refreshing in today’s pop music landscape to hear a record that wasn’t the same as everything else. I was already playing the songs at my gigs when they approached me to do the remixes and I jumped at the chance…I mean, how am I gonna turn down a Beyonce remix, she’s number one for me in pop/r&b right now and I just HAD to get my hands on those vocals.

Did you get to meet Blue Ivy?
Yes, at the illuminati induction ceremony of course

I always knew you were one of them. So who are you listening to right now?
I haven’t been able to get enough if Machinedrum‘s Room(s) album!

YESSSSS!! I love Machinedrum. What kind of magic can we expect from you in the near future?
One of my side projects, The Carry Nation is releasing it’s first single “This Bitch Is Alive” feat. Viva Ruiz, March 26th on Hannah Holland’s Batty Bass imprint and my partner Will Automagic will be playin a few gigs in Europe in support of that. The single is packed with really amazing remixes from Johnny Dynell, Bubba, Sveta & Tokoloshe, and Gavin Russom. We will also be releasing the video the same day, directed by our amazing vocalist Viva Ruiz, shot at Vandam and featuring some of NYC nightlife luminaries

I’m also going to be doing some LIVE streaming soon so be sure to stay in touch on Twitter or at djnita.com.

The Social is opening next month. Excited to come out and Dj for us sometime?
Of COURSE, you know I LOVE playing Seattle!

Lastly, there’s a lot of kids out here working on becoming the next big DJ. What advice would you give them to make it to the top?

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