2011: Day 3 of Seattle Ruckus Pride – Recap of Gaga Dance Party


Andrew Hoge our social media intern, recaps last night’s event.
The area around 11th Street and Pike Avenue was completely blocked off on Saturday night. Everywhere I looked there were rainbow flags, Drag Queens, Gays, Lesbians,  Queers and even a couple groups of straight boys! It was the third night of Seattle Gay Pride 2011, and it was glorious! As I walked up Grim’s wooden staircase from the Butterfly Lounge to The Woods, Ruckus and The Social’s ‘Lady Gaga inspired Monster Ball’ was in full swing. The first sounds that I heard was a techno heavy remix of “Bad Romance” as it permeated the walls and thrust the attendees into a celebratory frenzy!!

The boys from David Barton Gym were covered in silver body paint and served as impressive eye candy for all the attendees. While the glamour at this party could not be outdone, gorgeous drag queens made sure that every last detail of their look was perfected. DJ Richard Dalton, DJ Sammy Laforge and DJ PBear created a triumphant play list that included an assortment of the great Divas including Beyonce, J. Lo, Cascada, Kelly Rowland and of course Lady Gaga. Alex Garcia and Shanon Thorson, the driving forces behind the Gaga Party, greeted guests as they were stamped and purchased raffle tickets, all the while the bar crew worked around the clock to ensure drinks were always flowing!

While I observed the 200+ crowd dripping with sweat and singing along with the music I joined in on the celebration of our queer togetherness and everyone’s unique individuality.

It’s been an epic weekend!  Happy Pride to everyone.

Always on the Edge of Glory,
-Andrew Hoge

Recap to Day 1

Recap to Day 2


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2 Responses to 2011: Day 3 of Seattle Ruckus Pride – Recap of Gaga Dance Party

  1. Michael Strangeways says:

    You can afford to open a new venue but you can’t afford a decent camera/phone w/camera?


    • Alex says:

      I really wanted to get the review up asap. Pictures are coming. Just updated the photos on day 1 & 2 day 3 is coming :)

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